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Hauerwas Portalmaschine


Vertically operating turning, grinding, lapping and milling machine for

general overhaul of sealing surfaces on slide-valves, wedges, valves,

and flanges of DN 50 - 600 mm


Working methods: Turning, Grinding, Lapping and Milling with milling discs


When turning slide-valves, no re-clamping or rotation of the valve casing is neccessary for machining lower and upper sealing surface, resulting in best accuracy


SPC-Control with electric and additional manual height adjustment


Height adjustment speeds:

by SPC Terminal: fast, medium, slow*

by handwheel: slow*

* digital and optical readout for precise setting of cutting depth for turning


digital angle measurement system for easy setup and setting of angle of slide valve casings


adjustable end switches limiting travel of support during turning operation


Machine table with T-slots can easily be adjusted in 2 axis, additionally be tilted +/- 11°, and is hydraulically clamped


axial spring suspended ball mandrels for setting of working pressure during grinding and lapping

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