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Who We Are

Since 1994 our Experienced Prof.Eng.Youssef Fouda established this company with his experience in Gulf area Refineries and Europe as well.

As the global leader company in  non-destructive testing, we’ve been a main supplier for Non destructive Test equipment's from Magnaflux , Deloro stellite , Hauerwas , Aqua , Rose ,Atel and more all over the Egyptian market more than 27 years.


What We Do

MEG is there to ensure materials used to build everything from automobiles to bridges, airplanes, heavy machinery, buildings and railroads, can handle the stresses of everyday use and help engineers, technicians and mechanics know when those parts have reached the end of their useful life.


Our Mission

At MEG, our mission is simple: To make the Market a safer place.

We do that by:

  • Selling products that are easy to use and work flawlessly

  • Exporting those products in a way that is safe and environmentally responsible

  • Creating partnerships to ensure best-in-class value and customer satisfaction

  • Being local to our customers through a global infrastructure

  • Investing in innovation to ensure our customers stay at the forefront of their industry

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