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Hauerwas Mobil 


mobile grinding and lapping machines for coarse to finest grinding and lapping of sealing surfaces of slide-valves, wedges and flanges of DN 40 - up to DN 800 mm

- solid constructed machine with low weight for highest mobility

- telescopic machine arms:

- no obstacle to repair slide-valves in confined position due to compact sizes

- optionally available machining of globe valves: for HM 1, HM 2, HM 1-2, HM 3

- machines are working in any installation positions

- both surfaces can be repaired without moving mounting device by rotating the lower part or the telescopic

   machine arm or the machine arm by 180°.

- between the Hauerwas machines, grinding and lapping accessories are interchangeable

- quick and easy mounting of machine using pipe clamp with chain tensioning

- ball mandrel as pick up of machining discs adapts to sealing surface for easy alignment

-available with electric or compressed air drive

- wheeled transport box for storage and transport

-designed for a long life with a minimum of repair

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