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Hauerwas Taumelus machines


stationary machines with eccentric for grinding and lapping

of sealing surfaces of valves of DN 8 - up to DN 600 mm


Taumelus III-N:       SPC-Control with electric height adjustment


Taumelus III-Standard: manual height adjustment


axial spring suspended machine spindle with scale for setting of working pressure


Tilting table with t-slots rotateable on scale

0-12° for easy set-up of valve casings


Machine spindle can be rotated by 190° for machining even larger valves behind the machine


Optional second tilting table can be mounted

for setting up valves on one table while machining a valves sealing surface on the

other table


Optional adjustable intermediate housing for quick and easy set-up of valves (T III-N)


Ball Mandrel as pick up of machining discs adapts to angle of sealing surface


extensive options to adapt to any kind of use

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