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The D-2060 with CE is one of our most powerful wet magnetic benches, providing 6,000 amps RMS of 3-phase Full Wave Direct Current and an optional 6,000 amps RMS of Alternating Current.


Ferroflux 400

The Ferroflux 400 is the ideal MPI system for testing small parts (up to 400mm length) in small batches, or for random inspections.


Ferroflux Series

Ferroflux crack detection units are equipped with external power packs to feed the magnetisation circuits. The detection of longitudinal and transversal cracks is carried out in two separate sequential steps.

The standard systems are suitable to test parts from 400 mm length (Ferroflux 400) up to a maximum of 3550 mm (Ferroflux 3500). Special clamping lengths are available on request.


MAG 40

Magnaflux MAG 40 test benches are self-contained, low-cost units that can inspect components up to 1 metre in length. These medium-duty machines are ideal for machine shops, tool rooms, foundries and similar plants where low-volume testing of ferrous components is required


MAG 50

The MAG 50 series of test bench units are heavy-duty machines designed for the inspection of ferrous components. There are numerous options in both ranges and all units come with separate power packs and stainless steel tanks.


Universal SW

Our Universal SW test benches are equipped with two AC circuits, allowing them to detect longitudinal and transversal cracks at the same time. These benches are suitable for testing work pieces with clamping lengths from 1,200mm to 3,200mm, and a maximum weight of 300kg (standard) or 1,000kg (optional).


Universal WE

The Universal WE magnetic wet bench is multi-direction magnetic wet bench designed to completely magnetise the surfaceof parts up to 889 mm long in a single shot. Potentially cutting inspection time in half because the part can inspected in both directions at once. The Universal WE offers 200 - 2,000 Amps AC for contact shots and 1,500 - 15,000 Amp-turns AC for coil shots.

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