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Hauerwas Abrasives & Lapping Paste

Hauerwas Abrasives

Our abrasives are stamped in our company, this gives you full flexibility regarding:

- abrasive grain type (Sil.Carb., Al.Ox, Zirk.Ox., ...)

- abrasive grain sizes (coarse to fine)

- backing and bonding (paper, foil, cloth, ...)

- pick-up (self-adhesive, clampable,  ...)

- shape (Disc, Ring, Segment, any other shape, e.g. quadratic, trapezoid, ...)

- from prototype to large scale quantities

Hauerwas Lapping Paste

The Lapping Paste is applied to the sealing surface and to the lapping discs, and removes material of sealing surfaces while the machining disc is rotating

- boron carbide as abrasive grain is best suited due to its extreme hardness for lapping of all kinds of sealing surfaces

- available in water soluble or oil soluble design.

available as

- paste in tubes or tins 

- powder, for mixing in the workshop

Hauerwas Polishing Discs

- available for polishing of sealing surfaces in connection with diamond paste and lubrication fluid

- self-adhesive backing for sticking onto carrier or lapping discs


Hauerwas CBN Grinding Discs & Motors

Hauerwas compressed air Grinding Motors

for high speed grinding of sealing surfaces in connection with high speed grinders Hauerwas HVS

Grinding Motors are

- solid constructed for long life

- spare parts available (replacement blades, bearings, pick-ups, ...)

Hauerwas grinding discs for high speed grinders

CBN and diamond grinding discs, for:

- face grinding

- peripheral grinding and

- taper grinding

are optimized for high speed grinding of sealing surfaces through:

Shapes and diameters are available according to requirements.


Hauerwas Planet, Lapping & Milling Discs

Hauerwas Planet Discs for DN 100 - 2000 mm

- made from aluminum,

- external diameter continuously adjustable through swivel holders which are fitted with a high number of:

- carrier discs,

- high performance grinding discs,

- honing stones or

- lapping discs

resulting in:

- large contact area,

- reduced machining time and

- best geometry and roughness of the sealing surface

Carrier discs, made from steel, hardened and ground, to stick self-adhesive abrasives onto, for DN 8 - 100 mm and for the planet discs

Lapping discs, to apply lapping paste on, made from cast iron, flat or with grooves for transport and even distribution of lapping paste for DN 8 - 400 mm and for the planet discs

Milling discs,  made from cast iron, equipped with milling plates for DN 40 - 400 mm


Hauerwas Adaptors & Tilting Tables

Hauerwas Adaptors

- For grinding and lapping of sealing surfaces of valves in

your workshop in connection with stationary Boring, Turning and Milling machines.

- with pick-up according to customers requirements, such as MK, Sk, ...

- 4 Adaptors for working ranges: DN 8 - 1250 mm

- Adaptors equipped with continuously adjustable axial spring suspended spindle with scale for indication of spring pressure

Hauerwas Ball Mandrels

- Ball Mandrels with attached or separate carriers are mounted to the spindle of the Hauerwas Machines or Adaptors and align machining discs to the sealing surfaces.

Hauerwas Tilting Tables

- Table surface sizes from 380 x 255, to 600 x 600, max. clamping Ø with extensions 1000 mm, max. load 3000 kg

- to be used as additional table for the stationary Hauerwas machines or as tilting table for setting up of valve casings when using the Hauerwas Adaptors

- Inclination of tilting table surface by hand wheel, optical scale for setup and control

- T-slots for clamping of valve casings


Further dimensions and options according to customers requirements upon request

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