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The Y-7 yoke is a durable, high-strength AC/DC magnetic yoke

designed to detect surface and sub-surface indications in the

most rugged applications.

Featuring sealed chemical-resistant construction, articulating

legs to contour to any part shape and robust strain-relieved

twelve-foot cord for field use, the Y-7 is ideal for inspection of welds and other remote testing.

Solid-state controls allow the operator to use AC magnetic fields for surface indications or DC magnetic fields for sub-surface indications to meet all inspection needs.


  • The Y-7 yoke does not carry a CE mark and is not labelled to EU standards; it cannot be shipped to EU countries.

  • The Y-7 yoke is NOT supplied with a plug.

Benefits & Features

  • Sealed, durable construction

  • Chemical and abrasion resistant

  • AC and DC operation options for surface and sub-surface inspection

  • Exceeds ASTM lifting specifications

  • Individual serial number for each yoke


Y-7   AC/DC Electromagnetic Yoke

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